Edumedia Tunisie

Promoting media awareness and critical thinking skills.

We teamed up with the Swedish Radio and CAPJC to build a toolkit containing videos, ideas and pedagogical resources for youngsters and teachers who want to develop media and information literacy skills in Tunisia.

This is a pro bono project. Read more about pro bono work.

No matter where you live in the world, you're faced with a rapidly fast changing media landscape. This requires the educational system to provide people with new skills to help navigate and understand this constant flow of information. That's where Edumedia Tunisie comes in, providing teachers and students with educational resources that promote better practices in dealing with the media, such as checking sources of information, distinguishing journalism or factual information from propaganda, or offering tips and ideas on how to be safe and protect your privacy online.

Based on the idea that technology is deeply embedded in the social fabric of the modern world, we’ve branded the project with an identity that weaves together the various different parts of the now ubiquitous hashtag symbol. The logo, a metaphor for the power of technology to bring communities with different values and belief systems closer together, uses a colour scheme based on one of the most easily recognisable features of traditional Tunisian architecture: its common use of bright blue highlights.

We’ve also designed and developed the project's website, making it available in Arabic, French and English. Besides promoting the project, the website offers a vast set of educational resources for teachers, students and journalists alike, including an interactive quiz for visitors to test their knowledge on the subjects covered.

The entire website is built and structured to able to be easily expanded. Both in terms of adding more content and languages as well as being reused and tailored for other countries, languages and/or target groups. One of the benefits of using an open source platform such as WordPress is the ability to let other partners join in and easily make use of the platform. And even though WordPress can be used in many different ways, we always follow WordPress conventions and best practices to make sure others can take part without any friction.



  • May 2017

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