Spoil Movies, Save Lives

Getting people to talk about the importance of organ donation.

MOD is a Swedish initiative with a simple goal: to get people to talk about the importance of organ donation, so that no one dies in need of an organ. Spoil Movies, Save Lives is a concept our good friends at Edelman Deportivo came up with to help them raise awareness on the subject, by asking the question: would you rather save a movie or a life? Built in time for the Oscars ceremony, it aimed to encourage people to step forward and commit to donating their organs.

We did it by building a straightforward web application, that invited users to publicly share their intention to officially register as organ donors. In return, they would get a spoiler for an Oscar-nominated movie, proving they're willing to have a movie ruined for them, if that means saving someone's life.


Languages & Frameworks

  • Ruby on Rails


  • Codeship
  • Honeybadger


  • Heroku