Filippos Vasilakis

Stockholm, Sweden via Athens, Greece

γειά σου! I am a web engineer, meaning that I love working on both sides of HTTP mostly using Ruby and Javascript, although I feel backend a more natural place for me. I have a pure interest in networked services and systems which even lead me to challenge conventional REST through Introspected REST ( manifesto. Apart from software, I really like to read historical novels and play tennis.

Main Expertise

  • HTTP APIs (REST, GraphQL, Introspected REST..)
  • Backend development and databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch..)
  • Optimizing services for low latency and high throughput
  • Front-end development, facilitating front-end designers to jump in and do their own magic


  • Heroku
  • Amazon AWS
  • Linux

Languages & Frameworks

  • Ruby (Rails, Sinatra, Rack)
  • Javascript (EmberJS, React, ExpressJS)
  • Crystal (Kemal)


  • Clean, modular, tested and scalable code
  • Metaprogramming for human friendly and clean shortcuts
  • Unit & Integration testing


  • vim
  • tmux
  • git
  • zsh
  • guake